Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Delighful Summer's End

Wow am I excited... I got a rave review on my soap at: http://mommyminded.blogspot.com/2010/10/paradise-essentials-review.html
She says:  I was so lucky to be able to try some of the handmade soaps and I have to say that I was SO SURPRISED at how much they lather up. This is a big deal to me. I want to "see" the soap on me while I wash up. If I don't look like I bathed in cool whip, I don't like it.

 The Paradise Essentials not only lathers great, but smells great too. The scents are very strong in the shower and make the house smell great :) I like that it doesn't leave an over powering smell on me after I dry off but I can still smell hints of it through out the day!

Again, wow. it is a very nice review and she featured lots of my products. YAY. Take a quick jog over there http://mommyminded.blogspot.com/2010/10/paradise-essentials-review.html she has some great cleaning tips and hints on there as well.

Well what's new in your world? I have been busy and sick. Great, hey!

Summer has ended in Oregon with a long slow exhale.
Still finding gifts in the garden...
And saying goodbye to others...
As a slight degree or two has chosen the first to begin the long winters sleep.

My greenhouse project is progressing nicely...
The sun's rotation out of summer into fall is casting different shadows now

And you might notice a visable peeking of the green!!!

And if you guessed these are my little seedlings, sproutlings, you would be right! Not the ones below...
Plus I got some nursery 6 packs and seperated them into pots, they are coming along nicely
and are big enough to start making a salad with.
Mean while, the most of the garden has plenty of life in it for me the bugs and the chickens,

Except for a few vines who have felt the first of the temperature dips.
And a few old chums are just hanging in there for the grandbabies artistic creations.
the hens keep guard over their domain, and give out hearty cackles when ever a human enters their radar. They have come to expect fresh buggy greens and overripe squash.
The wicked old witch



can be heard cackling with glee as well.

I do have one thought as we part for now...


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