Just outside my front door

Hello dear friend!

Thank you for forgiving me for not writing :0)

I don't have many moments that I can think. haha. My grandbaby does the thinking for me!

But I did get outside on the rainy day to get some pictures of my dogwood!

and the petunia that made it through the winter in the greenhouse. It started bloomin about a month ago and has bloomed nonstop! I just tucked in some nasturtium seeds in the pot, they will come out in another month I would guess.

I wish I would have had a couple of these in this pot!

and ta da, the object of my attention, the dogwood blossoms!

We planted this tree when it was a twig thinking it would flower the next year...hahaha that was about 10 years ago, and we got ONE flower on the very top of the tree in all these years. But finally this year for some mysterious reason, it has decided to regale us with blooms.

Albeit very delicate sweet alabaster white blooms with a tinge of red on the ends, then some have turned to a mauvie pink. Very very lovely!

I love this time of year in my front yard, all the perenial ground cover will bloom and I will have a floral carpet until it gets over 90 degrees. Then they all vanish.

This is thyme...it is really putting on the blossom this year, I hope it doesn't die out in one last blaze of glory. I have several herbs in the border and they have all put on some blossoms.

Here is a little straggler... just hanging in there among the bigger kids on the block.

This is a mini violet. (I think)

I'm not sure what these are called, but I got them at a yard sale one year, someone just dug them out of their yard for the event, and they have been perfect! They are on the street and self seed, and multiply like crazy. They will bloom about 3 times if I dead head them.

I dearly love snapdragons, these are in a pot and they are thriving this year with no root room.
Go figure?

In the same pot, and very happy girls indeed!
♥blessings sent to you!



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