Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Good Old Days...

You know back in the good old days, we 'lived' in online communities and kept blogs for our virtual friends to come by and visit, and see what we were thinking or making or cooking or growing, ...lots of stuff. Those were the days, right when Facebook exploded, and before the huge ugly monster of Pinterest.

Oh I know... now, get down girl, I know what you are thinking. How could I badmouth that grand old dame Pinterest... well **explicative** (choose your favorite... mine is **@#^$#&**) Pinterest has this reverse kind of censoring that chooses my pins for me now, and I really hate their taste. I mean, seriously, to the point that I don't go there, because what's the point.

Oh I know, the point is I have a lot of stuff saved there... fantastic pins to create and eat and farm and ...well you know...

But I just stopped by the old blog today, and it felt really good to do some clean up and make a new banner and check on my old "friends" and see if their blogs were still active. Can you guess? Some are, some aren't. But it was nice to walk down memory lane.

It feels good to be here... but I do have a date waiting in his fancy new car, and he lives on Instagram... Oh I love that contraption. I don't have an account, but I should because for some reason I love Instagram.

Well, see you all on the flip side, where ever that is, and thank you if you have stopped by this day to check ME out. ... and of course...


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