Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What is piquing your interest today? Join me on the Rabbit Trail...

OH if I only had the time. So many technique's and just so little time.
Encaustic painting
She says, "my encaustic process: wood panel was first sketched out then treated with cold wax to create a glowing effect to the grain and also provide a surface to which the oils would adhere without bleeding with the natural grain of the wood. the wax is heated to a smooth consistency, and is absorbed into the wood. after curing, i begin layering on the oil paint. not only the benefits listed above occur, but the wax also provides a luminous quality to each piece, allowing light to become trapped and refracted in such a way that makes the painting seem to "float".
Take a quick trip to her blog she is an amazing artist.

The artist says,'This work uses multiple techniques, to create a dynamic surface.
-I laid down a piece of wallpaper, then covered it with wax to play with depth
-I built up the wax thick in some places, then carved into the wax and scraped back some areas, to create texture and interest
-I added coloured wax over parts of the wallpaper to add emphasis'

I found a goldmine here:
Technique after technique. Text printed on both sides of a sheet of paper with opposite color inks, adhering it to a board, using masking tape to ripup and reveal the the other color of print, rub down to wood, sand some, paint with paint the consistency of skim milk, flower image transferred with gel medium, and on and on and on, my head is spinning. You must make a click over. It is pure inspiration. And yes, it does end with bees wax.

I have to admit, I LOVE beeswax. I have 2 fragrant blocks, and I love the way they smell. I use beeswax in my lotion bars and deodorants and a wee little bit in the Shea butter lip balm. Pure raw Shea butter is another fave. I am ambivalent about using beeswax for art, because I would rather have it on my skin, but totally intrigued at the wonderful organic encaustic aspect of it.

Speaking volumes of loving the smell, did you know vanilla comes from orchids?


I didn't

Wouldn't you love to be the owner of these...

Plus...another unknown fact to me, you can buy a vanilla powder?
Oh the luxury of dipping your snozolla into the package of vanilla powder and taking a few sniffs.

My favorite milkshake flavor? Yup, vanilla.

OK, I have to giggle...the place where this pic lives (the Nibble) has a great big Jenny Craig ad at the top of the page. I am laughing laughing. Yes those are pistachios that the million calorie chocolate cookie vanilla ice cream sandwich was rolled in. Still laughing. This indulgence would cost you a month of Jenny Craig now wouldn't it?
Oh stop clapping!!! You knew this was coming...

These eyes say...Did you really have a second helping?

This is Jeanne H̩buterne (April 6, 1898 РJanuary 26, 1920) who was a French artist, best known as the frequent subject and common-law wife of the artist Amedeo Modigliani. This is the lead photo in a set of AMAZING vintage images found here - . She is really scrutinizing the photographer, must have been Modigliani on the day after he didn't come home the night before.

I stumbled upon her as I was still on the hunt for the encaustic to end all encaustics.
Impossible I know, there is no such thing but this one is super,

This really captures the richness and the depth I am searching for.

Here's something else I learned today, cilantro binds to heavy metals and helps remove them from your body. You never know!!! You might need that information some day! In the mean time...
Do you love humus as much as I do? This recipe is on my list to try. I am not even posting the recipe, you have to take a click over there, you will be amazed!!! This is THE happy place, every single recipe is a fresh hit, with the blueberry salsa (which I have tried...over and over again) being my all time fave.


Cilantro Haters, It’s Not Your Fault


Funny funny funny. It tastes like soap to them. I wonder if this...
tastes like Cilantro to them?


I just had to insert the pun.
for the finest.


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