Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guess what...

Chicken butt!

Remember saying that when you were a kid? Well I think the saying holds true sometimes if you are pondering whether to do, or not to do.

Sometimes it's just not worth the effort.

I think we do too many things in our lives that we think we ought to do, but in reality it just doesn't matter. Or it does matter but it's a manipulation.

1. It's a power trip.

2. It's someone imposing their will in an underhanded fashion for their own selfish reasons.

3. You might be wrong, and the helpful comment is not really appreciated by the intended person.

4. It will NOT matter in 100 years. Its a genuine mole hill, not the mountain that it's made out to be.

So the answer in that situation... say "guess what? Chicken Butt!" and leave it at that.

If it's meant to be, God will bring it around again. Pray for clean vision and insight into the matter. It might not be a guesswhatchickenbutt after all.

So anyways...what have you been up to?
This is so funny. Be warned...turn your sound down some and watch this video. This guy is one tough cookie!

I've been up to much much and more much! Yard work today, and feeling a little bit stiff and every single second of my age. But...

I love fake candles...

I love candle light for the instant calming mood it creates. Shadows dancing in softened light, they are just so relaxing.

But Candles are so messy and sooty. The battery candle above is scented with vanilla, so you get a bit of the aroma of a good candle. That is one thing that a good soy candle will provide...sweet scents.

We had some cool weather here and that always brings me right to my feet,

Or, to be precise, the comfort of my feet.

I am of the lucky few that own hand knit socks from a friend. Oh my gosh, mine are so wonderful I seldom wear them. Thank you Michelle. They are wool and have to be hand washed. I am going to get a pair like the ones above in a nice acrylic to wear every day and just use them like crazy. Like wearing a sweater on your feet, soft and cushioned. Pure love. In a month that is...we are still squeezing the last little bit of heat out of summer although we did get some firewood delivered today by log truck. Two cords of trees! un cut! in my driveway now!!! And the chain saw is broken...hehe, always happens.

Well the good news is it is the beginning of September not the middle of the first bout of bad weather.

Wishing you jam slammed moments and comfy feet!


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