My future quilt ♥

I've been collecting vintage linens for months now. OK, years, blush, but it's part of my MO. I will actually use the items that I find in my ramblings...

We begin with some hand laundering.

I'm excited! I have an amazing assortment here. Next; time to iron.

OK now. It took me hours to iron that pile but finally I started to cut (yikes!) and sew.
I had cut my basic white 12 inch square blocks already out of 2 sheets, one heavier than the other.
I am starting with a quilt 8 x 7 blocks, 56 large squares.

the ones I messed with yesterday are dresser scarves. So sweet to think they were all hand done, all of them are so old they had some damage on them somewhere, I was able to salvage quite a bit on all of them. I'm excited. I think they will all lend themselves well to some great embellishment!

Click the pics to get a bigger view.

I've ordered a set of 4 inch squares of reproduction fabric off of ebay.

I hope I like this mix.
I plan to use these blocks individually as the centerpiece and do the crazy quilting around them.
??? we shall see. hoping for flour sack fabric, but it doesn't say in the listing.
The price was right, but she only ships once in a blue moon.
grrr. I just hate to wait.

Here is my first block that I've finished

It is just so sweet!

Here is the fabric that I got in the mail yesterday...

 I am so excited about this, nice and square all of them are different! They will be a perfect fit to go with the vintage embroidered hankies.

Here is the second square, with no extra embroidery. Can't find my embroidery floss! As my grandson says...drat!

And to my utter glee, I got this package today. I won these on Ebay. they were only 25 cents a piece and they are in moderately shabby shape. They are machine embroidered, which is why they are so reasonable but they are vintage to the 50's which is the period I'm trying to keep to in this creation.

They are very soft and very thin, they will lend themselves to my idea of crazy quilting very well.

 Talk about stinky, that is the one bad thing about ebay, you take your chances with the smokers.

 These just reeked of stale smoke, so I had to launder them. Oh my goodness, the lace is cotton and the handkerchiefs are of undetermined, so the lace was a matted ball on some of them. It took me all afternoon to get these ironed.

I also won a lot of vintage feedsack cloth scraps, which I got today too.

They were genuine vintage for sure they smelled like dust. So they got a washing too...and frayed all over the place. All is well now, they are pressed and ready to get in the picture! This is turning into a fun project. The tedium will come with the embroidery, my guess is there won't be a lot of it!


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