Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a happy P. S.

Wow, I am so excited to post a happy PS, I really didn't think I was going to meet my "challenge" goal today but suprise. Here it is,

I got some soap listed!

I've been trying to do this for days. It has been one thing after another, but yay, I did it!

This charcoal soap has been photographed for 3 days straight, I can not capture it. It is really a neat earthy looking organic Zenny item, but I listed it any way with the cruddy pic. I just can't get it with the light I have.

A new banner! I really hope I stick with this one, I have switched at least a thousand times.

Well this has been a ps from this morning. It was a busy day, but I got a lot done. Love to be productive!

Here's the link to my shop for a quick they are yummy, I wish you could smell the blue one.


I found this on another blog as I was doing my daily rounds this morning.

"She couldn’t stand it. The pain. The guilt. It was eating her up inside. She didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did. It was an accident. She cheated. She was sorry. He said he couldn’t look at her. She couldn’t look at herself either. It hurt too much. She’s still sorry. This is why I love Art. It invokes certain feelings and thoughts that nothing else could. As Picasso once said: “a painting speaks for itself.” To me this speaks of betrayal and pain. A self loathing and regret that results from an action that can never be undone"

There was an art piece that this person did the critique on but I was more impressed at the blog owners interpretation of that art. They brought up so many many points that just struck me full on.

1. I tend to agonize over every last detail, I don't compromise. I labor, and belabor until it speaks to me that it's done. It can be an art piece, jewelry, soap, perfume, WHATEV. So that blog owners point of Picasso's quote was well taken, everything that we do will stand alone one has to speak for itself. Validation.

2. Wow, then he gets really heavy, he interpreted the piece in light of an affair. I have never had an affair, but my life has been a series of 'fatal' events that cannot be undone and I have suffered much pain and felt the sting of betrayal. It is not always unfaithfulness between spouses. We are subject to betrayal in business, in recreation, where ever our heart is.

I want to dwell on forgiveness. That is the antidote to betrayal. Its hard to separate forgiveness from condoning the act, we are not meant to be doormats, but we are not meant to fester either. Self loathing and regrets are the fruit produced from betrayal for some people. Other's are so narcissistic, they will never see the other's pain because the shield of self righteousness is an ample protector.

You really have to practice needs to be applied to the gaping wound. Then one day you find that that wound is less and less painful. On the path, there are still stumble pebbles, I have found I always need to apply the forgiveness balm.

How do you apply your forgiveness balm? I have to use the words of God, I can't just 'oh well' it away.

Take a look at the post I was looking <---
She looks like she has a migraine to me...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Three

Sometimes it’s necessary to jump the fence and discover the field. I know, the path is so usefully worn, but sometimes worn into a rut. Just to the left, by a hop a skip and the flap of a bird’s wing, is a whole field of beauty.

Imitation is one form of learning. Children learn by imitating their parents, which Dr. Benjamin Spock calls incidental learning. Through incidental learning, children develop the basic survival tools they need long before they enter the world of formal schooling. Can we become as children, and turn our faces up and just bask as Heaven looks down and adores us. Can you go one more minute without smiling? This is a reminder that God loves you with His entire heart.

This print is perfectly created to be 6 x 6 inches square. It has a narrow white border for ease of framing. Convo if you are interested in 7x7 or 8x8.

Printed with amazing Canon inks, archival quality, onto professional photo paper, 10.4 mil; Found here<---

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Birth of a Baby... Perfume.

Oh what a clatterous cacophonous day. How can one day be so packed full of noise?
I'm sure you've had them too...distractions and annoyances.

The Fortune Teller, circa 1596-97
by Caravaggio

My offering today in my loosely defined 365 day challenge is, perfume...

I have had a huge stash of perfume essences for at least 18 months now, that I have been trying and testing for some amazing combinations, it really is an art to get one that is long lasting and yummy.

Sure you can make your own combinations, but you have to ask yourself, does that really smell like a drunken old woman? OK so we have a hit, but then finding the right delivery method, and the packaging is a whole nother story. They speak a whole different language when they describe volume. Speak to me in teaspoons and I get it, what the heck is a ml any way?

But the real art, is the story behind the essences that you have combined. What is that perfume saying to me, what is my interpretation? Then, how to describe that story, that interpretation in a name for the perfume.

I had started numbering them, just like Chanel. I have 1 through 7, and some 1/2 numbers in there. And just like newborn children, they need names not just numbers. This is where the 18 months have gone, I feel like I am stuck in cold oatmeal for some reason. They just refused to be birthed and named.

I even got so far as to name one 'fortune teller', which I am convicted to change for the actual birth certificate (Etsy listing) because I don't believe in fortune telling, I believe in God and He tells us to trust Him, not the lines in our palms. I went so far as to write the listing and find the perfect pic above as an illustration, but it is just not sitting right.

Bona Fortuna, that sounds much better. Translated from the Latin, means Good Luck.

It is 3:09 on Tuesday March 09, 2010. By 3:30 I will have changed my mind.

But hey, Bona Fortuna!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day one.

Inspired by an image a day, here is my day one. I am not a photographer by trade, only by love, so I am planning on images of my 'projects' not my photos. It will be nice to chronicle my days.

I celebrate the times we are given to start over.

I love the energy that flows through this photo, the colors that bounce off of each other. It is full of breath and energy, it has a spiritual feel to me, to be able to see the air weave in and out and the impact of color as the buds burst into bloom amidst the plentiful confusion of the branches. Creativity, busts right through in the quiet moments of confusion. It is alive and vibrant with the force that drives the seasons, God speaking rebirth to creation, to begin again. Yes, I celebrate the times we are given to start over.

Three sizes available.

8x10 18.00/2.00

5x7 7.50/1.50

4x6 6.00/1.oo

Yes, it is available for purchase:

And, a shameless plug for my other shop, the heavenly soap factory!

Who doesn't love a hot shower?


Sunday, March 7, 2010

An image a day for 365 days.

What a brilliant idea from An image a day for 365 days. What a challenge.
Check out her etsy shop So talented!
Here's my images for today. I did the artwork last year, and did the digital this year, I can't decide which one I like the best. It's so funny how you are absorbed right into your paintings.
'Don't make me choose' she says clutching her hair in handfulls at the scalp, 'Don't make me choose'




My Facebook page is closed.

I have currently closed my face book account. It was so distracting, and 'fluffy'. It is a valuable tool to keep up with your friends isn't it? So I will miss all my face book buds. But I feel the need to apply what little spare time I have to my two pet charity endeavors.

So Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei , and may you all continue to spread the love.


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