Monday, March 8, 2010

Day one.

Inspired by an image a day, here is my day one. I am not a photographer by trade, only by love, so I am planning on images of my 'projects' not my photos. It will be nice to chronicle my days.

I celebrate the times we are given to start over.

I love the energy that flows through this photo, the colors that bounce off of each other. It is full of breath and energy, it has a spiritual feel to me, to be able to see the air weave in and out and the impact of color as the buds burst into bloom amidst the plentiful confusion of the branches. Creativity, busts right through in the quiet moments of confusion. It is alive and vibrant with the force that drives the seasons, God speaking rebirth to creation, to begin again. Yes, I celebrate the times we are given to start over.

Three sizes available.

8x10 18.00/2.00

5x7 7.50/1.50

4x6 6.00/1.oo

Yes, it is available for purchase:

And, a shameless plug for my other shop, the heavenly soap factory!

Who doesn't love a hot shower?


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