Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all

It's time to say
Happy Fall Y'all
Thank You Paula Deen...
My fall garden
Just at the peak of ripening
with hopes of lengthening
Our supply of fresh veggies!
What do you do with old windows?
Turn them into a green house!
I just love greenhouses.
They are just so warm and moist. Atmospheric!
And now I have one in my backyard!!!

I am just so excited. Years ago we replaced the old funky windows in my house for newer energy efficient ones and have enjoyed winter from the inside out. What a difference the windows made.

I am always amazed at my husband. He can just do anything if it involves a power tool, and he took all this old stuff and made a perfect shangrila for little veges.  

The old windows and scrap wood have gotten a new life now and I have it loaded with pots to fill as soon as the little seeds are big enough to transplant. I'm pretty sure Swiss chard, beet greens and romaine lettuce will produce into the fall. I plan on buying some commercial nursery planted winter stuff to get a leg up on the process and insure that I get something to harvest. My little seedlings are microscopic now and this is the first year of trying to extend the growing season for me. I am hoping for the best, but who knows.

May all your little seedlings be blessed and grow until they come to fruition!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Fall Lineup

How do you describe a smell? Oh sure, there are many superlatives that I could use...'heavenly' 'delicious' 'delightful' and the list goes on...
I used Sicilian Fig in this bar. Inspired by rough craggy landscapes, mountainous brush sheltering verdant green life. "The scent in this bar holds wonderful green notes commingled with exotic floral fruits. Intriguing and exotic, not the usual clean and green but much more complex." I always try to include what the supplier says about their scent. This has little green in it, mostly sweet fruit with No hint of banana...that may sound funny but that bannana scent just makes me gag.

This one just needs a drumroll. SERIOUSLY. It is one gorgeous bar. I used Dragons Blood as this scent. Strange as the name sounds, this is one wonderful scent! Its a deeply scented oil that holds notes of rich vanilla and patchouli, which is then rounded off with extremely light hints of sweet floral notes. There are many formulations of "Dragons Blood", this one is amazingly rich and sweet the patchouli is transformed by combining it with the vanilla and the florals. Trying to mellow out? This scent is famously calming and grounding, inspiring feelings of wellbeing. Rich and velvety sweet.

Bonsai scented hot processed soap.
Bonsai, "The very essence of sophistication, this complex fragrance is ultimately unisex. It has a decidedly crisp air about it with its notes of Citrus, Woods and a kiss of Floral making it haunting, relaxing and refreshing all at the same time." That description was from the supplier, I honestly don't smell much of what I think is a floral, it must be in there just to round out the mix. This is refreshingly green, not a drop of cedar or pine. Delish.

And I am happy to say I'm bringing back the lotion bar. This little *amazement has a long history with me. It is impossible to find pushup containers that I thought were simple enough and ecconomical enough for me. Yes,there are plenty of containers out there, and I have purchased quite a few that were dissapointing. The twist up containers have too much false bottom. I thought they were misleading, you were buying all packaging and very little product. This container is simply, entirely holding solid lotion from top to bottom sans the cap. I do wonder about the cap, so silly to have all that extra plastic. I need to design the perfect lotion container for them. Simple and recycleable. 
And this one is refillable and refills are available. 
*Why do I call this my little amazement? It is the ultimate. That's why. It lasts forever, goes on exactly where you want it. Smells like beeswax not perfume. It's not greasy or oily. Just pure protection when you are in action, gardening, painting, potting, crafting. Just apply a very slight layer and fogetaboutit.

New in the shop is the sampler pack. These are over one ounce bars. How big is that? About half of a deck of cards. Enough for 2 weeks of lather per daily use per bar with a sliver left over to 'glue' to your next bar, the scents are compatible. These are so handy to have on hand. They are the perfect size for those non-occasion moments...thank you's to baby sitters, bank tellers, regular nurses, caregivers, the temporarily stressed out who just need a hug ...but a little note and a little bar of soap will definately change that mood for the better. They are wrapped royally in glassine and stamped with a sweet bird. You have to do nothing except spread the love. This listing is for the girly ones. Coming soon is the cleaner outdoorsy scents I have listed.


Wishing you God's richest blessings, the first would be the knowlege and hope of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the rest will follow with abundance! Happy Fall.


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