Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Birth of a Baby... Perfume.

Oh what a clatterous cacophonous day. How can one day be so packed full of noise?
I'm sure you've had them too...distractions and annoyances.

The Fortune Teller, circa 1596-97
by Caravaggio

My offering today in my loosely defined 365 day challenge is, perfume...

I have had a huge stash of perfume essences for at least 18 months now, that I have been trying and testing for some amazing combinations, it really is an art to get one that is long lasting and yummy.

Sure you can make your own combinations, but you have to ask yourself, does that really smell like a drunken old woman? OK so we have a hit, but then finding the right delivery method, and the packaging is a whole nother story. They speak a whole different language when they describe volume. Speak to me in teaspoons and I get it, what the heck is a ml any way?

But the real art, is the story behind the essences that you have combined. What is that perfume saying to me, what is my interpretation? Then, how to describe that story, that interpretation in a name for the perfume.

I had started numbering them, just like Chanel. I have 1 through 7, and some 1/2 numbers in there. And just like newborn children, they need names not just numbers. This is where the 18 months have gone, I feel like I am stuck in cold oatmeal for some reason. They just refused to be birthed and named.

I even got so far as to name one 'fortune teller', which I am convicted to change for the actual birth certificate (Etsy listing) because I don't believe in fortune telling, I believe in God and He tells us to trust Him, not the lines in our palms. I went so far as to write the listing and find the perfect pic above as an illustration, but it is just not sitting right.

Bona Fortuna, that sounds much better. Translated from the Latin, means Good Luck.

It is 3:09 on Tuesday March 09, 2010. By 3:30 I will have changed my mind.

But hey, Bona Fortuna!

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