Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Three

Sometimes it’s necessary to jump the fence and discover the field. I know, the path is so usefully worn, but sometimes worn into a rut. Just to the left, by a hop a skip and the flap of a bird’s wing, is a whole field of beauty.

Imitation is one form of learning. Children learn by imitating their parents, which Dr. Benjamin Spock calls incidental learning. Through incidental learning, children develop the basic survival tools they need long before they enter the world of formal schooling. Can we become as children, and turn our faces up and just bask as Heaven looks down and adores us. Can you go one more minute without smiling? This is a reminder that God loves you with His entire heart.

This print is perfectly created to be 6 x 6 inches square. It has a narrow white border for ease of framing. Convo if you are interested in 7x7 or 8x8.

Printed with amazing Canon inks, archival quality, onto professional photo paper, 10.4 mil; Found here<---

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