Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Colors

I love the fact that I live in a part or Oregon where we have different season changes. I relish the fall and all it's glorious colors.

The grapes are just starting to fully ripen. We have 2 old vines in the back, one is a green table grape that makes these mini little ampules of intensely flavored sweet seedless grape. We don't get a bountiful harvest from these, but it's a treat to taste a natural unimproved USA grape, instead of an import as they all are in the supermarket.

Plus a glorious red that has seeds in it. Jelly-o-rama on a good year, but this year it got dug up and put in a pot because it was planted where the greenhouse is.  It will produce for us next year.

October is the month of endings and beginnings here, the nights start to get colder and one by one the veges wilt their way down to become worm food.

 There are two major historical events to investigate surrounding the date of October 31st. The Church's holiday, the start of the Reformation Movement,  the nailing of the theses

And the pagan's holiday, Samhain, which is the basis for Halloween as we know it.

I always have a great curiosity about these two topics at this time of year, it amazes me at how many of the ritual aspects of Samhain we have adopted in mainstream life as we decorate and flip through magazines and 'craftify' this ancient religious practice of the druids. And conversely, I am amazed at the culture and religious practices of the 16th century, the superstitions and rituals that the nailing of the 95 thesis on the church door exposed.

I love to start the decorating at this time of year.

The gold brown red orange black of October and November.
I love the strength in those colors, to chase away the gloomy onset of gray and cloudy days to come.

Find me, always, wishing you a blessing from above!
Isaiah 26:4Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.

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