Friday, October 8, 2010

Precious Autumn Sunshine

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

I am always amazed at the stuff I don't know, like for instance who was Nathaniel Hawthorne? Wow, who knew. Interesting that he changed his name to distance himself from his judge relative John Hathorne (note spelling) connected to the Salem Witch trials.

Here's the year, 1692 1693 and of course I am intrigued. here's a great article. You know who else was accused in the witch trials? Captain John Alden of original Mayflower fame. Wow, again I am amazed at the stuff I don't know.

I always keep away from the demonic if I can possibly help it. I do believe in the world unseen. And there are powers and principalities. Thankfully I know that the Bible is my final word to any moral question I might have.

I Thessalonians 5:21, 22 21Test everything. Hold on to the good. 22Avoid every kind of evil.  Some translations say FLEE from evil. I think that's easy when I consider the occultic practice of casting a spell, I would flee the scene, but what about the occultic practice of reading my daily horoscope? Is it just curiosity or a major belief system? Any thing that takes me away from my relationship from God is 'sin'. That is my main job, to draw closer to God on a daily basis.

"Sin?" you say. Yup, here's an amazing article. I say amazing, it is concise and Bible based, a quick read.

What a rabbit trail today! The quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne is such a wonderful reminder for us to practice being mindful of all the wonderful moments that we have each and every day, it really struck a chord in my soul. I LOVE autumn sunshine, it is full of shadows. It is a transition time between life and death here in my yard. It starts with a sprinkle of a few brown leaves... a quick glance up to the still green trees and clear blue cloud dotted sky. If I'm not careful...time will cheat me and before I know it I will be shuffling through the leaf carpet!

May we take purposeful moments today and let autumn cover us and envelope us.

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Oh I love history too. And I really like your button broaches. Off to your shop to take a look around!


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