Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm first...

Holy Gorgonzola, Mario, do I have monster of a cold.

It all started with my grand baby getting dropped off on a school day because he had a temperature. Kids seem to just breeze through these things, but us old people...my chest feels it like has ground glass in it, I have been using flannel sweat pants (they are so soft) to blow my nose into because it is so red and tender, my head is pounding with or without Advil, and  yes, I do look stupid with my mouth hanging open all the time because I can't breath through my nose.

In case you were wondering, yes this IS me... the mustache? It happens!

You may be saying..."tree hugger, take some medicine". Well, well wisher... I did compromise my earth mother standards and took some pills. NO WORKEE. Poor me, in pain, stuffy, and dosed up.

We have gummy vit C for the grand babies and provides some immediate temporary relief for me too...massive amounts of tea and honey have been wonderful nurses. Instant but temporary.

Here's a really good article to prevent the onslaught...(great, I find it now). But I am sharing it, totally wonderful ideas to help keep the wolves at bay.
Bottom line:Prevention is the key. Our experts all say a flu shot is essential and they advise staying in the best possible health year-round. “Do the basics -- eat right, sleep right, exercise, and wash your hands,” Richter says. “I work in a pretty high-risk profession, and I rarely get sick because I do those things.”

There sure are millions of exotic herbs online to experiment with, but I am sick now! I find it hard to focus, I really don't want to drive. I have some lovely plain black tea, and some homegrown honey, it still has the wax particles in the honey, they float on top of the tea....and I have Cinnamon on hand.

Hubby is sick too... I expect grand baby number 2 will walk in today with the same misery. I'll covet your prayers!


Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Howdy sick girl! just to let you know I am praying for you! and your family! Lots of sickness like that around here too...one of my dear friends called and told me she just got out the hospital yesterday...I did not know she was sick...she lives close to my other home...I'm trying not to laugh at your mustache! When you feel better shave it off so I will know you!!! OKay..Oh my I don't won't that kind of sickness...LOL...:) please get well soon...I will read John 14:14 when I pray for you...believing you are well by faith! in Jesus' name! I come against what is attacking your body in sickness! and will believe by the stripes of Jesus you are heal! Love you and here is some cyber ((((hugs))) and I would mail you some chicken soup if I could get it there!
your Texas friend,

Merry's Musings said...

Howdy Judy!! Wow, I am better today, thanks for the prayin! I can smell that chicken soup...and that was exactly what I had yesterday too. Great minds...sorry about your friend, but so glad she is coming home now.

Bless your sweet heart my Texas friend! Thanks for stoppin by. =0)


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