Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost? You are not alone.

I tuned in every week, suffered through the first year or two of random programming, found something to like in all the characters and I like billions of other lost devotees, sat frozen butted on the couch from 7pm to 11:30pm and watched the final episode of Lost.

And right about as I'm thinking wow, that's really strange that they have hooked up all these couples, the scene flashes to Jack looking into his father's casket ...and of course I'm still in old gear, thinking ooo good job for the season finale.

But then jerking myself back, I think, no this is the series finale...what thuuh...

Emotionally I watch, music setting the mood, the camera pans suspensefully from the empty coffin to Jack's Dad (standing there like they have actually been friends all these years...) Jack says... you're dead...and Dad says, so are you.

Yes, slackjawed, my mouth gaped open and I had to pick my chin up from off my chest.

DEAD   ???       come on.

What a rip.

I was in a bad relationship and didn't know it until I got dumped for the easy way out.

So was it a big practical joke, a huge word play on the series title? Watch this for years and you will really get the lost you loser?

Well I found the vid above and got a giggle...the road to recovery from a bad tv show. Hope you enjoy it too!


Natasha Burns said...

I am SO with you! It was such a big cop out! I loved the reunions, but then to find out they're dead, what a whole load of BS. Loyal for six years and they feed us this nonsense and create more questions than answers. I posted that video on my facebook page yesterday too, it's so funny and so right!
Argh! we lost!!!

Raphael智宜 said...
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