Saturday, May 15, 2010

Armed Forces Day

Most major nations of the world hold an annual Armed Forces Day to recognize, venerate, and honor their military forces. Ours in the United States, is celebrated on the third Saturday in May. Today!

It is unlike other major patriotic holidays in that it remembers the soldiers who are living!
I am all in favor of that.

I do hold our enlisted people in high esteem, and I wish we all had a little more respect for the job they do for us.

How can you take for granted your freedom in this day and age? We have Oprah for crying out loud, and orphanages in Africa, and Lucy Liu doing exposes and green tweets on the situation in Iran.

I am among the blessed to be able to drool over the little comforts of home. (Found here)

...I have the privilege of dressing my table,

And exuberantly dressing my table...
In anticipation of ... velvet cupcakes from Paula Deen, the butter queen... (here) 
...yeah ya'll!

And so to mark the day with respect and remembrance for the living (!!!) I will be finishing up my cards to mail off to this most amazing group of people, who want to show their support as well by offering some creature comforts to some deserving people.

They are having their annual blog hop on Memorial Day weekend. Be there or be square! If you are not a card maker ( I used to think I could make a card, then I joined in a, there are some amazing people who make the most amazing cards) You can send a little money. It doesn't take a lot to help these people, a ten, or a twenty goes a long long way. It's all volunteer, and they will send you a receipt.
Click here for an easy link to some info.

This pic is just amazing, found here in oh beautiful for spacious big sky Montana.

I hope you are enjoying your freedoms on this beautiful Armed Forces Day!

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