Monday, March 1, 2010


I really hope I have your attention for a minute, and I hope you will read the little blurb below and click the link on over to the website to see if you might want to join in and support some stranger who is fighting for the cause of freedom. You don’t have to support the war. I am asking you to support the human being who is serving his country, who is following the orders of the Commander in Chief. I am asking you to make a blank card for a service man somewhere in active duty. It's painless!

I am not a card maker…it doesn’t come easy to me. My cards are very C grade, not an A by any means, but I try and try to come up with something cute, and I am learning more and more. And with every batch I send in I get a personal thank you from Sandy the fearless leader of operation write home in my email.

So here’s the latest in the newsletter,

“Card requests from heroes deployed in Afghanistan have increased significantly in the last month or two - it's easy to see our nation's military focus has changed. This is just one of many new requests:

"I had to travel to [a much larger base] a few weeks ago and my chaplain had several cards for me to take. If you could, we would love to receive some cards to send home. Our options for writing home right now include our printer paper, or emails. If not, we still appreciate ALL that you do for us and we appreciate your support!" -SPC A.B, Afghanistan

You've seen the news about the latest advances our heroes have been making in southern Afghanistan; know that your cards are making it to those in the thick of the fighting, and are much appreciated by them.”

That part about in the thick of the fighting really got to my heart.

Here’s the link to the newsletter , it's a goooood one with lots of links, and an awsome vid of the mail room at Sandys. clap clap clap...applause for Sandy, she's an amazing woman.

Here are your deadlines for the service men and women to get your cards,
St Patty's & Easter: passed
but still time for:
Mother's Day: April 1*
Father's Day: May 10
Graduation: May 19

Join in! Get to card craftin'!

And there is a really fun blog hop coming up. Open house, the tea will be on! People drop by and visit and leave nice comments. It's fun. And you can visit around too…and leave some joy! Lots of fun. Click the tulips up in the left hand corner for some more info.

Gracious gracias!

So what can you say about yourself, are you tenacious? Do you give up? I find that I am a mix of several shades of tenacious and 'give up'. I know I am stubborn, and competitive when it comes to some things, but not sports or games. Yawn, boring. But on some things...I just can't give in till I win. Guess I better pray about it huh. People who brag about their sales just make me mad. grr. Off to promote my biz a bit. lol.

Hey! (again with the hey?) Many blessings to you this evening.

Colossians 3:12 Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

(Yup, guess I better pray about what is tenacious and what is competitive and be askin for a little help with the humility part. That's probably why it bugs me so much when people brag, I need some help with my humility)

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Vanessa said...

A great cause. I have not made a card since I was super small but I may start(if I can free up some time ha ha). Sounds like a lot of fun and could be a good stress reliever.


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