Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Spring!

It is still chilly and frosty and windy here in Oregon on a beauty of a crisp pre-spring day, but when I step into my little cold frame it is warm and sunny. Such a nice reminder of when spring will finally show her frilly white petticoats and we all put our coats in storage.

I love my little cold frame green house; it was a gift from my husband. We had replaced our old aluminum windows in our 1970’s ranch style house with new breeze free insulated windows. Wow, what a difference and what a blessing. The old windows were chilly. But being packrats of the first degree, we kept the windows thinking ‘greenhouse’.

Well it is not a full blown greenhouse, but it was a weekend project and it is a very decent size, put on the side of my ‘crafty house’ it is made almost entirely out of the old windows. It is sunlight and shelter for a whole mess of little seedlings. I just love it.

Good ideas for when you get really dirty.....

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Vanessa said...

This is wonderful Nora!! What a great use of old windows. I love seeing all the new growth(except for all that crab grass!!). I hope you are doing well and enjoying the week.


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