Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a find

Really, it's not my fault...

 It just reached out and grabbed me...with it's carved handsomness and solid oakness...

It had straw and foxtales hiding in nooks and crannies...

And secret hiding places...

And splinters and shreds and peels...

But I lost my heart the moment I saw it...the vintage roll top desk.

It took me quite a little while to convince my dear spouse, I heard at least 10 times...'where are we going to put it?' It is a little massive....

But in the end it was mine all mine. Tis the season of love after all... and uh, I still don't know where I am going to put it.

Desk update: Well our dear old Gertie is looking very good after a day at the spa. After a friend got all over me for not getting that desk done, ( It's been too darn cold... fer crying out loud) I got a great balmy day today in the 50's and stained and sealed her up!!!

she is so large, that my husband had to take the top off of it to get it into the room. Which was very lucky for me because it made it very very easy to stain and seal it up.

I did get some lemon oil soaking into this splintery mess of neglect, and the stain really took well.
I need to oil down the insides of the cubby and get the insides between the drawers. It was all clamped together today, dearest hubster has removed the clamps for me, so I'll get it tomorrow.

She is looking so good that I'm afraid I need new carpet in the bedroom where she is going to live. hehe. good excuse. I told my hubsterliscious that this was my birthday present, but that was a month ago, maybe he will be convinced that new carpeting would make an excellent present!... I'll fill you in on the details when she is installed in her room.

Do you like my new little avie lady? I LOVE her.

She's bubbly!

New in the shop, Perfumed Lotion. Sweet Indulgence.

Super thick and creamy with no greasy feeling. Just a tiny dollop melts instantly and makes your skin feel like silk.I have found the most wonderful lotion, made of goats milk and other wonderful ingredients. It took me quite a while but I'm very pleased.

For its debut, I've chosen two amazing scents. Choose from:
Dutch Tulip
Almost every one who has tried the Dutch tulip soap has asked me if I carry it in a perfume. The scent is not quite 'present' enough for a perfume, but it is outstanding in this lotion. And yes, it smells like a tulip shop.

Juniper Breeze:
An ozony balance of floral, green and fruity notes with a slight musk undertone. Honestly? This screams day at the spa. Inhale, and relax. Feeling a bit stressed by the weather? This scent is soft music, lit candles and massage table good. The scent lingers for hours.

Also new is a new scent for the lotion stick, lightly delightfully naturally scented with  Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil. Perfect for daytime all day use.

Also new, a therapeutic application of the Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil.
This is a grand mix of exotic carrier oils and therapeutic essential oil. This body oil is multi funtional because of the many attributes of the essential oil used. (Click the listing under the pic)

Excellent as massage oil, light and quickly absorbed.

For the bath, only a couple of drops are needed, this scent blooms in hot water. Enjoy the properties of this essential oil working on your aching joints. Enjoy very little oily residue on the tub especially combined with magnesium sulfate for a therapeutic soak.

Great amazing wonderful summertime body oil, moisturize and repel mosquitos.
Featuring Eucalyptus Citriodora, (also called Lemon Eucalyptus)in a base of pistachio nut oil, fractionated coconut oil and aloe vera oil.

This oil is stored in a glass storage vessel, then upon purchase, dispensed into unbreakable recycleable plastic bottles with a convenient flip tab top.

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Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Oh Nora, you will find a place! It is so wonderful to find such an old oak desk! And I am sure with your wonderful husband to help you refinish it will be a beauty! I need to write you a long email with all my updates but what is write about being sick most of the month of Jan. I am well now! I gained weight sitting around. I have the winter time blues! But that too will past! My home is really getting in order now and I love that! My daughter came over and we did some mixed media art! I sent you a picture later!
Hugs to my friend way of Northwest!
Judy :)


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