Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jam Packed!

I wonder, how does life get so packed.
Look at these gift baskets!

There's always so much to do...

And when you think you have a handle on it,  something else comes up.

I always wonder at how people can be bored.  Lately I've been working on my collage,

made 2 batches of soap,

am in the process of cleaning these sweet little ceramic bowls and mermaids

(I dearly love mermaids this enamored with the vintage bathroom plaster pieces, yes theres some artistic inspiration there...)

and I am happy to say... keeping up on the garden!

Even with our murderous 100 degree days, it is truly gloriously green out there.

The corn is as high as an elephants eye!

We found a monster was hiding under a leaf.

Only green tomatoes as of the present...anticipation...

Plus I got a call from my old health club who used to carry my soap and jewelry, and they want my stuff back.

 Awesome. I love the exposure.

They have done some remodel/rearranging so I need to get my own display unit, she's going to let me put in a bookcase. Yay, that's quite a bit of display area for quite a bit of stuff.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my world!

May all your busy-ness be of the wonderfully creative kind!


Vanessa said...

Hey Nora :) Busy over here as well. Sometimes its hard finding time to breathe lol! Happy to hear your soaps will be carried at your old health club! Love your garden. I told hubby I wanted him to plan me a flower garden for my birthday. Not sure I will get it but I was tossing it out there ha ha. Blessings to you!

My HM Blog said...


I came across your blog and really enjoyed reading it and looking at all the great creative things you do. It looks like you have some great vacation photos.

I help people put their stories and photos in books, canvas, calendars, cards, and more. Its a website and SO fun and easy to use. I would love to help you as well. Take a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!!


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