Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're havin a heatwave...

It is so hot in Oregon, and it is the kind of heat that is 99 degrees at 9 o'clock at night. Plus we are threatened with thunderstorms, and the air is just puffy with stuffy.

What do you do in the heat when your energy is just sapped to the core?

Why .... crave a cupcake of course!


This really wasn't what I had in mind at all, but as I was scoping it out on Google, I came accross this pic. Too cute!

But I think something like this would be a little more tasty!

Not fancy enough?

...we can always embelish yours...

On a diet?

There's a few ways to indulge the cupcake cravings...

And a couple more...

There now! Don't you feel better... much calmer and cooler.

No? Well then,

hugs of butter, and kisses of sugar, Nora ;0)

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NNarcissistic said...

Those cupcakes are all too cute!


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