Sunday, March 28, 2010

Many Thanks Lovely Vanessa!

Well, to reply to the alluding that I was doing in the post before, my big excitement is I am featured on the blog Crafty and Creative!


I have the spot of honor as the first recipient of the blog award bestowed upon one, when they are featured on Crafty and Creative. (Notice I have it listed proudly in my sidebar) It is one of my favorite blogs, they feature new recipes, the best of etsy- and bits and snippets of the blog owners life. The perfect combo.

Vanessa (who owns Crafty and Creative) is also a long time friend of mine, who's work I admire greatly. She is a graphic artist and owns Bears Banners and Graphics with her husband Emil. These are her lovely graphics for business cards banners and more.

They also design websites and have have several handy print options, such as business cards and huge (or not, depending on the size you need) craft fair banners. I can say, the items that she has done for me have been absolutly stellar.

Here's part of Bears Banners and Graphics profile: We are a husband and wife graphic and website design team. We take pride in our work. We only offer the best customer service, quality design products and printing.

Get the milk, I tell you, get the milk! Too cute.

So, in the midst of my (*yyyawwwwwn*) tax prep, I have a bright spot in my day today. Thanks so much Crafty and Creative!

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Vanessa said...

Aww you made my day Nora! Thank you so very much :) I too am going to be starting my taxes. I keep holding it off but its getting super close so I best get going. Hopefully you are nearly done! I figured out a way to keep up with my blog posts finally. Create a few on the weekend and set them up to post at a later date :D Your blog is always so lovely and is a great creative inspiration to me. Love your recommendations too! Big blessings to you this wee! ~Vanessa :)


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