Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just look who I'm hoppin with!

I am in the middle of my income tax prep,

...and I must admit, I am incredibly susceptible to the worst of the items found in my pantry.

What a coincidence that Easter approacheth,

and I find myself gingerly dipping into the stash I have for the grand babies' plastic eggs!




Of course this brings to mind,

Cowboy music. There were a few of them back then my absolute favorite was Roy Rogers. I was a Roy Rogers groupie and I wanted to marry him, except I thought Dale Evans was so 'purtee' that I gave up on that real quick, and started totin a gun, and wearing the hat! ...see

(The ad above is available)

I was the cutest kid. Someday I will get the pics out and do a huge feature on me. giggle, snort. Speaking of feature wait till you see what my next blog post is about!!! You are going to get so excited!

Until then, I'll sign off like I used to do when I was five, bye from Dale!

And Happy Trails To You!!!


Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Howdy Nora,
Roy Rogers was my favorite cowboy! I too was going to marry him...
I just knew he would ride up on Triger and get me...Never did I think about what Dale Evans would think...tee hee! Funny how we think as a child...I did get to see him and Dale at the Houston Livestock show one then I had four kids of my own...and I had my horse...LOL...
hope your Sunday was wonderful!

Merry's Musings said...

haha. Poor Dale. She had so many young girls pining for her man!

Lyneen said...

I m having so much fun looking at your blog I almost forgot to stop and say you won my Operation Write Home Blog Giveaway. CONGRATS. please email your addy to me at ljesse at Wavecable dot com.

Congrats again.


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