Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Sometime in the near future, when I am not working, volunteering, or otherwise pre-occupied with stuff, I am going to go through every room in the house and purge.
If we haven't used it, touched it, or tripped over it in the last year, out it goes. "

This blog article was so inspiring...I have spent the last week reorganizing my "office". I did not go so far as to PURGE, but I did get like kind with like kind. I can't believe how much stuff it takes to make me happy! *ah*ha*ha*.

But with that, it is crippling if it's not organized into it's own little destination spots, club bead, club yarn, club button, club paint and the neon lights almost blind me there are so many clubs.
Maybe something wonderful will come to fruition when it's all done.

This is not my armoire... one can only dream.
I am having a hard time being done with this project. It's just impossible to start something new now until it's all done. It's just not done dag nab it! I 'm longing for neat little rows, with nice big labels to identify stuff.

(Martha Stewart's idea above)
But the end looms large still, There's just more and more. You may never see me again. It does remind me of the closet in Narnia, open to another world.

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Vanessa said...

I realllllyyy need to do this again. I did it when we moved a few years ago but its time for another go. There are just so many things you accumulate that you dont use, will never use and its clogging up your house.. blah. I box up loads of things and take it to goodwill or toss it(if its totally junk). Great post!!


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