Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The time is fast approaching...

I just love these, and this is an especially gorgeous one found here

I made one one year, and used all (let me repeat, all) of my beautiful vintage glass ornaments that I've collected over the years, placing them lovingly on a huge wreath form with hot glue. I honestly have never seen anything more beautiful other than the birth of my children and grandchildren.


It was magical. It just glowed. The colors, the placement of the bulbs, the variety of the bulbs.

I hung it outside and our white icicle lights absolutely danced off of each and every bulb. I was mesmerized.


After a while I came inside as it was ffrrreeeezzzzzing outside and just stared at it through the glass in the door for the longest time.

I'm telling you, vintage 50's pinks and blues and reds and golds and silvers, stripes glitters...it was just enchanting as old glass ornaments are. Eventually my attention turned to the tv.


In the background, I heard a tiny little . . .* . . .** . . .*pink* . . .*pink* . . .*pink* and wondered, is it raining?

more, pink pink pink pink pink...then I thought, that's coming from outside... I was so curious, I went to look.


As I opened the door I saw at once that the pink pink pink was coming from my wreath, and below on the cement porch was what was left of it, a pile of shattered ornaments. Apparently the cold, had shrunk the hot glue from the wreath form. The whole thing let loose like little Scrooge bombs. I was crushed, like my little beauties strewn below their former glorious home.

Those were the days before grandbabies. I ended up getting rid of all my glass stuff and buying plastic and felt and more plastic. It makes a pretty tree, and leave it to my grandsons, unbreakable is in no way unbreakable, they can break anything. Oh well, you have to destruct before you can construct, and we are a constructing family.

So in fact, I have made a new outside wreath with plastic ornaments and this time, no hot glue. I've used pipe cleaners and just wrapped them on. It is lovely enough, not as lovely as my first attempt, but lovely enough!

Waiting. It is not attractive word. It seems boring. What if you were waiting for something that would change your life? How would you get ready for it? Would you make yourself busy, filling your life with noise and distraction? Rushing to get gratification. Would you spend all your time doing everything but slowing down? NO?

Well this is what we do every year. Each year we have an opportunity, to dramatically change our life. But most of the time we miss it. We spend our time running around, trying to get everything done in time. When most of us forget, to get the most important thing ready. Our Heart.

This is what Advent is all about. Slowing Down and Waiting. To get our Heart ready... To bring Jesus into our life A bit more fully, than before

Advent. slow down. take time. open up.

Warmest Season's Greetings!


Trish's Soapy Blessings said...

Lovely vintage ornament wreaths! I would hate to figure out how to pack them away at the end of the Christmas season without the possibility of breaking an ornament on it! It would haunt me all year long until next Christmas!!! ;)

Merry's Musings said...

So funny Trish and so true, how the heck do you pack them away, one person had a source for a box but even then ...don't drop the box. lol. Merry Christmas and a prosperous blessed New Year to you and your fam!


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