Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oooo one more day till the eve of the big day!
I'm so excited.

Thank you to for finding this lovely Christmas waltz.

I love goji berry juice, it is tartish and packs quite a whallop with flavor. Wish you were here, we'd have a hot cup.

It's nice to just enjoy some holiday internet stuff.

Wishing you the Season's Blessings!

Hey! What's on the menu this year for you? Ham...deviled eggs...fruit...veges...dip...chips?

I made homemade pita and tortilla chips last year, so easy! Much healthier too...I took wheat pita chips and flour tortillas and seasoned them with salt and seasonings and sliced them into 1 inch ribbons and baked them till crispy.

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Vanessa said...

oooh you drink it hot!? Sounds tasty as I like tart things :) Going to my mums for Christmas Eve. I am going to take pictures of my tree in a bit! Finally got it all done yesterday.. geez.. this is the first year its getting together soo late. It's usually on Thanksgiving! Grateful for all the work God is providing me and hubby though to keep us busy with our business. Big hugs to you Nora and sending prayers for a wonderful holiday for you and your family!


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