Saturday, December 12, 2009

Frozen solid

Brr. It's been cold here in Oregon, finally it has warmed up to 34 degrees. I don't know if you can make it out or not in the picture but the food in the hummingbird feeder is frozen! It is a solid block of ice.

Poor little birdies and poor little me. I don't know what it is about this little creature trying to get food, that just sets me on edge. Makes me feel like I need to do something to help mother nature out somehow.

Well Father Nature stepped in. My Dear Husband went out every morning in that 17 degree fridg of iceburg weather and take a pitcher of hot water and try to thaw it for them for a brief (underline brief in 17 degree weather) moment. Cue applause. Big applause.

They kept at it- trying to get a drink, I hope they got a little something. It would thaw in the afternoon for an hour most days, but I think the am is when they feed the most. They kept trying and trying.

I think our temp forecast is up past freezing for the week, thank goodness! I can't take too much more of this.

Seriously, the coldness, and the grayness, and the worry about my family and the ice on the roads. It has really worn me out. Makes me feel blue. So can you imagine my delight and surprise when I went to my mailbox today and found that my sweet online friend had sent me a Christmas present!!!

She sent me a beautiful pair of earrings that I'm sure she made herself, and yes I am wearing them as I type! They are just perfect. As they would be here's a link to her shop, she has the most beautiful items.

I drool every time I visit.

And just like a secret sister, she packed the box full of fun and whimsy.

She is a master craftsmistress of whimsy as she is a graphic artist by trade. She has the most reasonable prices for the most wonderful designs, if you need business cards, banners, blogheaders, she will have exactly what you want or make it to order with your own pics. She's awesome along with her husband who handles the web design end of it for your online business needs. Find her online here

Look at this one, SO SWEET. How does she do it? If were for my shop I would leave it up all year long. That font! I am so jealous, I just love it.

This is one of my favorites, I love how she pairs the font with the pattern, but I just love the harlequin pattern anyway. I've had a lifelong love for those little diamonds. So European! So French! So Italian! So Mardigras!

And just like a true friend she even enclosed BUTTONS!! tee hee, they are crafting buttons and I got ideas as they spilled out of the plastic. Fun fun fun for me.

The package had a super sweet star lollipop that was confiscated in the blink of an eye by my number one grandson. What a fun treat for us to open that box on this gray cold miserable day.

You can't really tell in the pic above, but the little yellow flowers to the left are mini crocheted daisies and to the right are 4 yellow daffodil buttons. YUP. Me and my buttons. I know you sense a smile curling at the corners of my mouth don't you. Yup.Vanessa you made a gray yucky icky day bright and filled with fun. Thank You so much for your kindness and may God continue to bless you and hold you close!

At times I find life difficult because I am trying to do it on my own. The Christian life was not meant to be lived that way. We were meant to be yoked to Jesus. He said, “Take My yoke upon you. For My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28)


silk purse said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment the other day!..,

Your post has "moved me"; those poor dear little birds, I hope they eventually gor a wee drink!..,

That jewelry is precious!~What a thoughtful gift!~ I will check out your dear friends web site as you recommennd!..,

You are warmly invited to take a respite from the "Winter blues" my dear and pop on over to The Plumed Pen for, Tuesday Tea For Two!..,

Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen

Vanessa said...

Awww that is the sweetest post ever Nora. Thanks so much. This post brightened my day. Just thinking of your dear hubby going out there to defrost the hummingbird feeder so they could have a lil drink! That is so awesome :) I appreciate the post so very much and I am so happy to have met you! Blessings and hugs.


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