Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eee gads!

It's fast approaching.

The big day. And after that . . . it's all over! On December 26th I really will wish there was a Santa Clause with elves to help me take down the tree and pack it all up!

I always wanted to be that kind of holiday celebrator that has a gingerbread house as part of their Christmas memory pack, so this year I finally had the time to make the time to attempt a gingerbread house.

Oh yes, I have a gingerbread house baked, ha, hearty chuckle, no really I do... it is just not quite put together.

Oh funny funny me, there is a reason I have never made a from scratch gingerbread house before, and that is...I am no baker. A total failure at this I am.

I know you are saying, "don't be so hard on yourself! Not a total failure...

It might look a little goofy, but it's a really sweet thought..." or something . . .

And I too would have taken your advice and iced on some color in the shape of windows and doors, and merrily with the help of my grandkids dotted candy gleefully here and there, dot plop, dot plop, (the plops are the ones that hit my mouth) but for the fact that about 20 minutes after I walked away from this powdered sugar frosted fantasy to let the icing dry, we had a small meltdown.

Literally, it melted down to a gingerbread rubble pile. I just have to laugh, perhaps because I plopped a few more garnishments into my mouth...

The several fun types of candy I bought to decorate with, are dwindling. shock! ha, hearty chuckle with stuffed cheeks. That's what happens with candy around here.

Funny me, on a good day I am telling my friends that I am on a fruit kick, "just make one small important change"...lalala... My friends like me no matter if I am lying or not.

I crack my self up because I was the only one who knew about the dwindling gingerbread house candy stash.

Until now... yes, the elves are pitching in with the candy "problem".

Well, one thing about me is I never give up. Plan B is some graham cracker structural reinforcements and more icing, I'll keep you updated on my progress.

But for now, I am just dropping in for a minute in case any of you stop by to see what's the latest in my world. Hope you are all hangin in there and enjoying all your moments, even those silent moments of gingerbread meltdown. Now you see it, now your don't!

James 1:5 says, “If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to all men generously...” God is filled with solutions for any and every situation we face.
Wishing you Merry Blessings!

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