Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well here's a word I toss around a lot.


For example... chocolate is therapy, a good book is therapy, that intimate moment with the Lord, when His word comes alive, yes, truly (...verily) therapy. As in balm to the soul.

Let's towering roses against the gray sky, yup, therapy. The voice of my grandson chattering to his Elmo and Big Bird friends? Sooo therapeutic.

And one more,a weird one, my humble backyard chicken clan, making their sweet musical chicken-cluck conversation as they intently scratch for bugs. PURE therapy.

But as I said, I toss that word around a lot.

ther a py [ther-uh-pee] –noun, plural -pies.

1. the treatment of disease or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating, or curative process: speech therapy.
2. a curative power or quality.
3. psychotherapy.
4. any act, hobby, task, program, etc., that relieves tension.

Ha. I am right on by definition #4. And man oh man, do I need the relief.

So much goes on and not much gets by me! I do twitter after all.

I'm currently reading E-How...How to Exfoliate. "When you exfoliate, you gently abrade the skin and remove the top layer of dead cells. Exfoliating helps to hide fine wrinkles and gives your skin a rosy glow."

Now that sounds therapeutic. They give instructions,

1. Wet your body in the tub or shower.
OK. Good start.

2. Use a synthetic scrubbing sponge, exfoliating gloves or a body loofah.
While wearing your scuba mask and flippers...

3. Apply an exfoliating cleanser to your skin or sprinkle it onto your sponge. Some exfoliating cleansers contain as much as 25-percent ground volcanic rock; these are good for oily skin. However, cleansers that dry out oily skin too much can have a rebound effect, causing glands to overproduce oil.
Ground volcanic rock? WILMA! (in my best Fred voice)
Here's the rebound effect: glands screaming 'red alert'.

4. Scrub the exfoliating cleanser over your skin using your sponge or loofah; make circular motions.
They must have it on good authority that oval motions are counter productive.

5. Be gentle over sensitive parts of the body, like delicate neck and thigh tissue.
I am screaming in my brain now...'you think?'

6. Rinse skin thoroughly.
Again, muttering, 'drr'.

7. Be sure to follow up with a good moisturizer. Exfoliating dries out your skin.
Hmm, me thinks it's the volcanic rock that dries out most peoples skin.

8. Choose a lotion that is light in petroleum, lanolin and mineral oils. Non-comedogenic lotions - those designed specifically to prevent the formation of pimples - are best.
Please. We are not using petroleum unless we are behind the wheel of our cars.

-On second thought that doesn't sound therapeutic at all, that sounds somewhat tortuous.

I will stick to my body polish bar, the perfect exfoliator. No rubber mask or flippers, made with pure sea salt and minerals -not the volcano itself. Enriched with shea butter -moisturizer optional. may keep your volcanic rock.

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