Friday, June 26, 2009

Death the common element

A common thread of course that runs between the news of Michael Jackson and the Iranian Conflict is death. So as much as we think 'oh those poor people' or 'that guy had-a-great-career/was-terrible' the real difference between yesterday's culture focus and today's is Death came calling. I know I am going to tire of TV, before the news shows wring every last drop of post mortem publicity out of Anna Nicole, ooops intentional error, Michael Jackson.

But it really does make me wonder, and start me thinking. Have you ever seen a dead body? It's just astounding, because there is no life in the body. Life animates 150 pounds of otherwise inanimate lifelessness. I cannot lift 150 lbs. But 'something' does. And it resides in me. And animates me. For those people that I've lost through death, as I looked at the remaining body, I mourned. Because they were gone. They were not in the body.

The body was of no comfort and more accurately, no use. Life after death? I believe so.

I have always been connected to things unseen, even before I put a Name and a Belief to things of the spirit. An hour after I got the news of my father's unexpected death, and I was making plans to travel to my mother, I felt my father's spirit as I was standing by the kitchen table that my husband made. And my dad said, 'nice table Cookie'. So yes, you feel things of the spirit, and hear things of the spirit, but not with your body, with your spirit.

Thankfully, I don't hear of feel things like that too often. That would be unnerving.

But I do watch carefully the things that I am spiritual about. The spirit governs the body like a bridle leads a horse and makes it obey. There are a lot of spiritual bridles, horoscopes, tarot cards lots of other stuff that I don't even know about, angels and demons and a world in between. Try as he might, as much as he wishes, the horse cannot remove that bridle. He relies on his master to free him.

I have a few things that bridle me. One problem that reoccurs frequently; I get angry. It is not the outward expression of a slammed door, although I've slammed my fair share. But it is the inward festering when I am slighted, disrespected, tread upon. Especially if I have trusted someone and been betrayed. My anger will not go away. The Bible calls it a strong hold.

The dictionary defines stronghold: a strongly fortified defensive structure. A fortress; A place of refuge, survival or domination by a particular group or idea.

A Biblical stronghold is a major spiritual flaw, if left to fester, it will poison the body. My first hand experience is, I need help losing that festering lingering kind of anger. My anger is tied to a lot of things and if I may be honest, it takes up so much time to go through the whys. I am created a complex individual and I can outsmart my own self. Finally, after I have jumped through those hoops I get mad that I've wasted so much time being angry. Actually, desperate is a better word, I get desperate. Because, you guessed it, I am still mad. (shakes head, sad smile)

At that point I give it up to the Lord. I am so stubborn, I hang on to it for the longest.

"Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings." [1 Peter 5:8-9]

I don't make God happy when I am mad, but I do make the Devils from Hell dance with glee. When I fester in my own self righteousness pity or blame, the Devil is chewing on me like a bone. It takes me a while, days sometimes. Prayer after prayer, days sometimes. Like I say, sometimes I just see red. In the middle of nothing, 'pop' the thought strikes.

And that's a stronghold. When it just won't go away. Those feelings, those thoughts. And through prayer my Master removes that bridle.

Here's a great website from someone who deals with this stuff. Strongholds

Very informative.

My attention is still with the Iranian revolt. I am still seeking news of Iran and their desperate search for freedom. We've all seen it, the conditions in a land where they have no freedom and the people want to be free, its heartwrenching. I don't get the politics of it all but it sure makes me more and more thankful for my own freedom.

This song is perfect, and Cheryl Crow had her beginnings with of all people, Michael Jackson. Peculiarly, I come full circle. See what I mean, God is woven through everything.

“Redemption Day,” by Sheryl Crow

I’ve wept for those who suffer long
But how I weep for those who’ve gone
Into rooms of grief and questioned wrong
But keep on killing
It’s in the soul to feel such things
But weak to watch without speaking
Oh what mercy sadness brings
If God be willing

There is a train that’s heading straight
To heaven’s gate, to heaven’s gate
And on the way, child and man,
And woman wait, watch and wait
For redemption day

Fire rages in the streets
And swallows everything it meets
It’s just an image often seen
On television
Come leaders, come you men of great
Let us hear you pontificate
Your many virtues laid to waste
And we aren’t listening

What do you have for us today
Throw us a bone but save the plate
On why we waited til so late
Was there no oil to excavate
No riches in trade for the fate
Of every person who died in hate
Throw us a bone, you men of great

There is a train that’s heading straight
To heaven’s gate, to heaven’s gate
And on the way, child and man,
And woman wait, watch and wait
For redemption day

It’s buried in the countryside
It’s exploding in the shells at night
It’s everywhere a baby cries


Lori Stanley Roeleveld said...

Insightful, Sherry. Transparent. Real. I'm going to enjoy getting to know you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you...I have been holding on to a lot of anger this year and God has been speaking to me through so many sources to let it go. Thank you for letting him work though you.


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