Monday, February 16, 2009

New Beauty Staple, Lotion Bar

Beautiful bees wax, luxurious fair trade unrefined raw shea butter, creamy coconut butter and mello olive oil team up to make your new favorite beauty staple.

Totally different from any lotion you have, you rub the bar directly on your hands knuckles and cuticles, into your elbows and knees, rub directly on ankles and heels

Your body heat will warm the bar and leave a protective coating on those problem areas. You control the coverage, I do not like a heavy oily feel on my skin so I just rub lightly.

It is the perfect leg lotion in the winter or summer, just a light rub with the bar and you are set.If you have your hands in water, food service or mom or caregiver, constantly cleaning up after everybody, this bar provides a barrier beyond that of hand lotion.

No added fragrence in these, the beeswax and the coconut oil combine and share their natural intoxicating scent. I can't improve upon nature. Yum.
Big 2oz bar, not for your purse, keep on your counter, use at first sign of dryness.
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