Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After..

I love the day after Christmas. Not as much as the day of, it's true, but the day after is very special too. It is the day of new beginnings in my mind. I have learned over the years to find meaning in the holiday by keeping the birth of the Savior as the main focus of the day in my mind and heart. It is a meaningless disappointing holiday other wise. I love giving gifts, it's true, but I could transfer that need to the birthday arena, easily. I know the kids love the legend of Santa Clause and all the fun stories that go along, and I can play along to a certain degree. But the magic of a fat jolly man dropping down my chimney pales to the magic of the nativity story.

Angels, bright shiny stars, prophecy, babies, stables, straw, shepherds in fields, realms of angels, glorious singing, wise men, camels, gifts to the Christ child of wonderfully smelly  valuable items, that is where I find the meaning especially the birth of the Baby.

The birth is the beginning of a new era for mankind. Jesus introduced new thought new methods for living life differently that all people have embraced. A break from the ritual of the day, to embrace a relationship with God the Father. Treating people women and children included with equality and respect. A shift from the body to the mind and the spirit.

I can only imagine the day after for Mary the mother. Holding her son, finally all the anticipation and anxiety of the journey to travel to Bethlehem for the census is over, and she is gazing with wonder into her newborn babies eyes.

New life, I remember so well, that moment, with my own children and the birth of my grand babies. Looking back now, I would have done anything to savor those moments again. Time is a fast we travel through but we think it will last forever. And so I begin again, the new life, the day after. The celebration is over and it is time to pack it all away and start the new year asking God to guide and direct us as He guided and directed the 3 wise men with the star above the manger.

May my road lead to the baby in the manger, show me the right road Lord, let me see the light of the star.

Wishing you God's richest blessings...

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