Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lovely Fall Interlude

I really love this little interlude we are having of fall-like weather.

I know it's an interlude, because I still have green leaves swingin in the wind on my trees. Nary a one has turned brown and drifted to the ground to herald the onset of the true fall. But our temperatures have dropped some and you can do yard work with out the desire to melt on the spot.

And not only the trees, the squash is still throwing blossoms out to the bees and we have had fruits of the vine for dinner tonight. Fall, crisply will tell the squash to wilt. And they will, like frozen spinach.

But as in spring a young man's heart turns to love, in the time of Autumn my heart turns to buttons! I really don't need much of an excuse to turn to buttons because for some strange reason buttons give me joy. I can spend far too much time on Ebay and be very content to browse. Yes, now I am in the browsing stage. I have spent lots and lots of money on these architectural, historical wonders of collecting, and I really don't buy for the trill of the kill any more. And the collections that are truly tempting are way out of my price range. The price of our obsessions! Truly great when it comes to buttons.

So I got some listed today, brought the old dames out of hibernation, because I love this stuff in the fall. It's like comfort food... only it's comfort jewelry. Somehow it says I have been here a long long time, I've been useful and now I am useful and beautiful.

I really LOVE the pins I see on Etsy made from felt and buttons. I am so fascinated with the techniques that they employ to make them. So simple. I made my own techniques for these and incorporated some vintage ribbon and faux petals in the design.

This one is a favorite of mine, I had sewn an acorn by the stem on this one and added all the faldera and fluff, the beads the butterfly and the frog for a nice organic feel but the acorn was not cooperating and was standing on end by the stem. So I busted it off, and was left with a really nice focal piece on this one. It looks really nice on.

Any body selling on 1000 markets? Strange turn for them now, selling out to bonanza. Bonanza is the strangest marketplace unless you are an electronic from China. So strange, 1000 Markets was just so beautifully set up. Bummer!

Well find me on Etsy. Still. And I hope your fall will be arriving soon, and I hope you have a long and moderate season. A time of accomplishment before you have to hunker down for the winter months!  I have a buddy in Arizona who is in the middle of 105 degrees. Good grief mother nature, chill out a bit!

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