Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well hello! I can't tell you how busy my life has been.

 Ups and downs, around and around.


River, did you bring me here, Touch me now, wipe away my fear
I will follow you along the river,There many years carved the way
I am reaching for time that's gone astray, Now I cannot sleep some days
Beyond faded tears I hide, I wish the rain would stay away
River, did you bring me here
Touch me now, wipe away my fear
River, miles and miles to flow, Shake this land, reap where sounds will grow
Now his love journeys on the river, Heart of darkness, endless trail
I am feeling the edge, can I be strong, Now I will believe your song
Beneath diamond skies I dream, Two lonely hearts no more belong
River, did you bring me here, Touch me now, wipe away my fear
River, miles and miles to flow,Shake this land, reap where sounds will grow

and I know I am not the only busy one...

as you are I am so thankful for my life, my business.

I pray to be productive and not to waste time. But I do have my eye candy moments, and I just wanted to share with you...

How much I love mercury glass.

As soon as the grandkids grow up I am going to invest in a few pieces.

No way! A do it your self project page!

Could I come close to this...

or this...

With a can of mirror spray paint?

Does Cinderella ride off in a pumpkin?

Wishing you bright and shiny moments each and every day.

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Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Howdy, my dear way-up-north friend! I like this post! LOL what is busy anyway? I was thinking today I need a Vacation! LOL and I don't ever go on a Vacation? I laugh at my own thoughts! I must be too busy to enjoy my life!!!!!! Get the picture? I am getting to a spot where I will maybe??? have more time??? Who knows??? But I do try to take time every morning to read the Bible. Pray and mediate with Jesus! I give HIM all Glory! For my new home and so much more! This past week was cleaning up my old homeplace and this week it's gonna to be repairs. I hope I have it sold soon. Love you dear friend! you have a most wonderful week! I will try to email you soon. I enjoyed your last email to me! It gave me a smile and made my day! I did not know they had mirror paint? I learned something new today! hugs, Judy


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