Saturday, June 19, 2010


What have I been up to lately...well dreaming some,

Just a bid in. Haven't won. Won't win, already got out bid, pro-lly won't spend what it will take to get these.

But you know, I love to dream. hehe.

Speaking of dreaming, here's a rude awakening...

There are thousands millions billions of computers to choose from if you happen to need a new one like I do.
The rude awakening is I will need to go to college to understand what it is that I need. It is amazing. And time consuming. And frustrating. But I need one, so I plod on.

This one in the picture above, top of the line in 02:
"This extremely fast, new HP computer uses a 1.8 Gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 processor. It comes with 256 Mb of memory, expandable to 1 Gb of memory. It has an 80 Gigabyte hard drive, and a CD ROM reader/burner and DVD reader.
This machine, without the monitor, sold for less than $1,000 in May 2002   

I laugh, as do you, at how different computers are today.
And it makes me wonder what is in store for us bloggers in 2020. But you know there will be something, even if the world ends in 2012, because we all love to blog. Maybe it will be cave blogging...

The weather has been so delicious here in Southern Oregon...

Usually you can fry eggs on the sidewalk by now,

but for some strange reason it has been moderately under 80degrees every day for the month of June

and quite a bit of rainfall included in that weather report.

My husband said "you need some more flowers".

And I said

"By Jove,

I think you're right!"
Hope you are in the middle of a wonderful morning noon or night wherever you are, I am off to make pancakes for my wonderful clan of men. We had a sleepover last night!

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Vanessa said...

Hey Nora :D I hope your hubby and you have a wonderful Father's Day! Those flowers are beautiful. I dont think you need to go to Uni to know what type of computer you need!! I can always help point you in the right direction :)


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