Saturday, June 12, 2010

Check out her blog, it is crammed full of really great -o stuff.

I wonder if I could be thankful for 100 things?
I am thankful for my husband and what a huge fan he is of the grandkids.
I am thankful that my grandkids have him for a grand dad. That word really suits him.
hmm. 3. So thankful for the big soap sale I just had. we are so short of denero, and I do love to shop. It comes in, it goes out.
4. Super thankful of the contest I won in the blog hop, I just got my prize in the mail today. What a beautiful assortment of papers and the most adorable stamp. You will see tomorrow or so. Will be blogging about it to give Tereza some love.
5. the sunflower seeds are up with their first set of leaves.
ooo. I made it to 5. yay. I'll be back, got to run for now.
6. Thankful that I can run. hehe.
7. Thankful for blogs. There is so much information out there.
8. Thankful for Ning, here's a reason why

But as I was pondering this question, 'what am I thankful for' it all just seems almost trivial with everything that is going on in the world now.

I am thankful because I live the charmed existance of the middle class in the US. So many people have nothing. They are sucker punched and reeling. The news has hit hard lately, and the fact that I feel like I need to share in the misery of the Oceans, and the unbearable heartache of a lost Portland child, and just wonder at the parents who let their daughter sail in open seas, overshadows the joy I would usually get from counting my blessings.

I am grateful, and I do have 100's of blessings to count, big and small. And I count it all Joy, because of the Lord, He alone can turn my lemons to lemonade as the saying goes and to Him first I am thankful.

So for now, I am going to play the video one more time, because her thankfulness is my own too... and then spend some time in prayer for what lays heavy on my heart.

Oh yes, just one more thing, and the birdies in the trees. I am so very thankful for the chorus.

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