Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm off my rocker...nono...that's not what I meant to say, it just slipped out...I'm off my schedule of posting a project a day for 365 days. bummer. Well, here is yesterday's,

There are rare moments in life when we feel at one in our own skin and with the universe, when the moon smiles down from above and becomes our kinsman. It is a 'soul' moment, when you gaze upward and realize how vast how big the creation is, when the moon just looms in the same sky with the brilliant stars, and you are lost in the act of reaching for one.

Digital art collage 8x10 printed on professional photo paper using archival canon inks.
Found here

Also crafted and listed a beautifull double matted lined card with the vintage moon image...they turned out really nice...


plus, made a new banner for good old Merry, and made a new good old Merry!

So I may have skipped a day, but I was still pretty productive! So that makes me happy. Wishing your hours to be productive as well! Peace out. 'V'. That V is a peace sign. do they still say that? ...peace out? Somebody ask your kids and get back to me. lol.

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