Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here's a quick share, an unknown (to me) fact that's interesting,

"Daikon radish is one of those foods–like goji berries, bean curd, seaweed, or alfalfa sprouts–that’s practically a punchline in healthy eating jokes. One of my clients who was trying to lose weight used to jokingly ask me “Gena, do I have to eat daikon radish??” I actually never quite understood the question–as far as I know there’s nothing inherently slimming about daikon, aside from the fact that it’s low in calories and a mild diuretic–but I got the point: daikon is one of those vegetables that’s toted as a detoxifier, cleanser, and magical convoy of health. I’m not so sure about these claims, but I do know that daikon is high in vitamin C, tasty, and versatile."

So here's an admission, I've never had a Daikon radish. Maybe that's why I am not detoxed, uncleansed and un magically healthy. I would definately try it if this was set before me,

found here, <--
I hope you visit this blog, I am amazed. If I could have a blog like hers, I would become a vegetarian! Go here. <--

One other thing I wanted to share,
wyartjewels You will have to scroll down to get to the little favor she mentions, this seems like a small little bit of magic that is very doable.
Sharing! I think you need to wave the fairy wand as often as possible.

Ok onto a fab day for ya!

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Vanessa said...

I too have never had daikon radish. I wonder if its tasty. Never even seen it at the market. I wonder if they taste similar to turnips. Just visited the blog and will be sending a postcard :D Blessings to you!!


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