Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thinking of a bright shiney New Year

Wow, fast away the old year passes, eh?

Thinking about the New Year today, and I just can’t get really excited. And as I read blogs as per my usual this morning there is just no moment of connection on thoughts of the New Year. Just not feeling the whoopee.

But here's a neat note: That's sort of fun isn't it! Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone...maybe somebody will fall in love or write another song or something!

I always make resolutions, I am somewhat goal oriented along with being a creative. I do love it when it all comes together, when it is actually done.

And if my attention span lets me get to that point I am all aglow at least for a minute, then I am distracted by a new project and find myself in the middle of the process again. But this year my resolutions are late in coming to life.

Or maybe they are becoming realistic. I mean how many years can you vow to lose weight and still LIVE in flannel pants at every possible moment. There has to be a different take on this.
Hope you are in the middle of a wonderful end of the year. It’s nice to stop. . . Close my eyes, listen, think. As a matter of fact those sound like some darn good resolutions for me,




And I pray that you will have some quiet moments before we are sweeping up confetti and recycling champagne bottles. I personally think we should celebrate the new year on December 26th. We should say “Happy New Life!” after the birth of Christ in our hearts, that’s where new begins.

Happy New Life!

John 10:10
I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. (NIV)

Nora's verson is signed, 'love, Jesus'

Well here’s a little belated present for your perusal that I did come across. Good grief there’s a lot to look at here.

And here's a sneek peek at my new look for 2010's labels. Do you like?

And to prove that I sincerely want your opinion, anyone who leaves a comment will get a free sample mailed to them! ha. Happy New Life!

And last but not least NEW ART! It will be listed on etsy tomorrow in honor of the CAAT team's monthly challenge. Fun.
Sweet huh?

The challenge theme is portals/doors.

"He who wants to do good knocks at the gate;
He who loves finds the gate open. "

Nice! Wish I'd said that.

And..."the butterfly counts not months but moments and has time enough."

Yup, so sweet. Be blessed!

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Vanessa said...

Love the new label look and that mixed media art is just gorgeous!!


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