Friday, October 16, 2009

Operation get real

Christmas cards framed by Picnik's halloween graphics, strange post title, I am sure you are wondering what was I thinking, but there is a rational thought behind this post.

It's on my mind a lot that we who live in America are just so fortunate, even those of us who are in the midst of job insecurity, life insecurity, family insecurity, strife, greed, ignorance...ect ad infinitum...and it is because we live in a protected land. We have a military system in place who is commanded by the president, and we sleep at night in a free land in relative peace.

I enjoy the banter of both sides of the political coin (see my twitter list of odities) because people are flawed, and both sides, demo or repub have major opinions to exploit and reveal, and I along with many other people will never believe a word that is said, a promise that is made, a vow that is taken without seeing some action taken on it. But there is a reason I can enjoy that banter, and that is my freedom that is provided for me sight unseen most days.

During the green revolution, I think we were all made aware of the dictatorship that exists in Iran, those NON savage people who long for democracy, but were hoodwinked out of an honest count on their vote. Their dissenters were put in prison because of their peaceful protest and now punishment is harsh and severe for those who opened thier mouth for the cause of freedom. They don't enjoy banter in Iran, they are punished.

Well it's true, Iran may be the latest in the headlines but It's an ongoing battle, freedom vs opression. And there is an ongoing presence that ralleys to the side of freedom, no matter if its 1911, 1945 or 2009 and that is the military. Right or wrong, America's military (meaning the actual inlisted soldier) goes for freedom.

I admit I don't really do much except try not to take it for granted, I don't go to town halls, or on mission work to reform and educate, but I do donate in several worthy areas. I have a pet group who takes it and makes it real. Get real!! These folks who are defending our country can use some support from us, open up your heart and click the link below and see if you can be a part of this group. It's up to you how much time you can spare, you can help on many different levels, be it personal or be anonymous.

Go go go to: . Quick. The deadline for Christmas cards is November 1. !!!!! Even if you don't want to contribute a card, you will be blessed to read about all the good they are doing.


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