Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Colors of the wind

When autumn wind goes running
It does some magic things.
It gives the shadows dancing shoes
It gives the bright leaves wings
When autumn wind goes running

It curls the bonfire's tail of smoke
And shares a little whispered joke
With cornstalks who delight to prattle
It turns a seed pod into a rattle
When autumn wind goes running

Leaves in the Fall come tumbling down,
Scarlet and yellow, russet and brown,
Leaves in the garden are swept in a heap,
The trees are ready for sleep.

A lovely lovely lady makes these amazing little pins FROM SCRATCH. She featured some pics in a group that we are in and I was instantly smitten. So sweet! I wanted to share her lovely creation.
Happy Gazing!

Click through to her websites, she has so many little lovelies I know you will be smitten as well.

And on a different note.... ooo0000OOOOO!!!
No, I did not see a ghost, I saw this bag...yum.


Vanessa said...

I LOVE anthropologie.. the only problem is.. my wallet doesnt agree LOL!! Great pics and that pin is stunning. Juls does such beautiful work!

Juls said...

Thanks ladies for all your kind words and support. You are the Best!


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