Monday, September 14, 2009

Public service announcment

..."schreech" ..."schreech" ...this is a public service announcement:

It's contagious,
They look like germs, they are round, there are a lot of them, and the more time you spend with them the more likely you are to get infected.

Did I say germs? I meant...


I have button fever. (Accursed EBay)

I win I win

This batch came in the mail today, gorgeous.

Pink? I was delirious. They look delicious! I just won these.

And look at these neat little packages all lined up in a row...muahhaha...all mine!!

Ebay makes it too easy, you don't have to bid right away, you can just watch them for days and when the temptation is too great...there it is, the Bid button. Like the handle on a slot machine, whrrrriiinnnnngggggg...

I won!


Heart's Desire Beading Company said...

ROFL! Yes, it looks like you won the jackpot!


Vanessa said...

cha-ching..buttons are great.. each one is sooo very different. What a great collection :D

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Howdy Nora...Thanks! I needed a good laugh! and yes I have been to button's BBB aka..."Buy Beautiful Buttons" The next thing you will find yourself doing is looking at all resales shops for vintage buttons. I KNOW! YOU will Buy Beautiful Buttons...blouses with buttons, dresses with buttons..and some times big coat with buttons...I am sorry you are hooked...and you better get ready for jars, boxes, tins, and anything thing that will hold all your buttons...Then one day you will wake up and say "Where all these buttons come from"??? Hahahah! LOTS OF BUTTONS! and so many Collectable Treasures are when you find buttons with bling! sets! of jewels, gold, or silver just to name a will be a
button a holic...teehehee..
Have fun and it good to have a good collections of fun...and beside that you can always use a not a got me to thinking about all my button buys! I always wanted to buy a good button book to see if I have any buttons that are antique collectables...I may have to check ebay out again soon...I am grannyvintagetreasures on ebay check me out and see the darling cute 2 angels I brought made out of an Antique Ouilts...I am an quilt nut too....I like the old quilts...OK I admit I'm aaaaaaaa button a holic too....
LOTS of HUGS! Judy....


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