Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seek Pray Grow

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I just listed this sweet little shelf sitter in the shop, I love the words painted on it, seek, pray, grow. Seek what? I seek the will of God, the word of god, the mind of God, the Heart of God. What about you? What do you seek, the answer? the way? the truth? the path? Well me too. I find that life is a shape shifter, what was yesterday, is not today. That's a good thing unless I miss the whole thing as I have done before. I usually miss it by dwelling on the past or the future. It is difficult for me to be in the moment. Do you pray? I do. A lot. What do you pray about? I pray for the health and safety of my family the most. I know I'm supposed to pray for everybody else first, but I don't. I have to think hard to remember to pray for -not swear at- the governing authority, and pray for that jerk who has been on my bumper for the last 10 minutes in traffic. (come on, where am I going to go, OVER?) oops again, anger, yes I pray pray pray about my anger. It comes on swiftly, unbidden, and it is in control not me. But then, like the cavalry, here is the last pot in the row, grow. Thank goodness, the result of this life is growth. My opinion is, no God no growth. I know there are some who will click right past that channel, but I'm right. no God no growth. You can bury, you can sidetrack, you can rationalize, you can Narcissisize. But no God, no growth. I wish you three pots today, may your garden increase with the fruits of the seeds you have planted.


Vanessa said...

I spend so much time praying. I too have some swift anger when it comes to driving, hubby.. how things are going in the government.. ahhh! It can rile me up big time. I have to constantly be in contact with my Father so He can help me through the day. I couldnt function without that prayer line. I LOVE that shelf sitter. It is just gorgeous! What a beautiful reminder. I am so happy that He helps us to grow from little seeds to beautiful flowers. God bless you and thanks so much for this wonderful post!

Judy's Vintage Collections said...

Hi Nora I stop by to visit your blog....Oh my where have I been? I have about stop blogging...I love your post...Oh so touching and too learning to control anger is good to do...I do not get angery very often...I see no need in getting ME upset....I try to think on good thoughts...and behave myself! :)...BUT! I do stand up for my rights!...I do pray all the time...for my friends and family that request prayers and for their safety! I put my trust in God to answer and I learned you don't hurry God...Jesus, always answers and He's right on time...all the time...Jesus Is All the World to Me...Do you know that song?
Lots of Blessing and much love upon you....Judy


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