Friday, May 29, 2009

Of all things that are ugly.

Oh I know, the title sounds a little mystical, a little poetical, sort of lofty and worthy, like a show on PBS from England, but really...the truth, I come from a family of people who sweat.

We live life to the fullest and work hard in the process.

My husband does construction, basically, like rolling in a dirt lot in one form or another. My daughter is a waitperson, trays, grease, crab-apples that don't tip. My son rides a skateboard for fun after his day at work as a carpenter. I have 2 little grandbaby monkeys, 2 3/4 and 4 1/2 who's job it is to play and explore the whole day long in the back yard, and I run after grandkids 7 days a week sweatin' like an oldie.

I am a soap groupie of a sort, I am hooked on the process of what happens when you mix oil and lye. I love the chemistry of it all, the triglicerides in the fats, how the dirt clings to the fat instead of your skin,

The instant sieze of the batch, or the long haul mix depending on the oils that you use.

A quick hot processed brew turned out of the mold and sliced within a day, or a vintaged cold processed cure period, a fingertip to lip kiss, and a hearty voi la! as the batch is revealed after 6 weeks.

Or, lovely frilly melt and pour, where your creativity is only limited by your wallet, this mold, that scent, pink, no white. It's all part of my happy happy obsession.

I love to scope out other soapmakers shops and still, to this day, get excited over their descriptions the fragrences and the ingredients, get jealous at the beautiful bar that they have to offer.

And, with all that being said, I can truthfully say I have never seen an uglier bar than this bar.

Experimenting you query? Yes.

I thought, this looks like concrete, this looks horrible, but I bet it will be a great scrub bar (ever the optomist) as I wiped a tear from my eye, I was expecting better.

A hand washing test or two led to a shower or two, led to a grand kid scrub or two, led to the final test.....drum husband's after a grueling day of work shower.

This soap passed the dh test.

It has become our soap of choice, it is like a home remedy in a bar, the day just melts away, and we are ready to take on the night, smelling not one bit like dirt.


ladyvanessa said...

Hey there Nora!! I looovvveee that label! Cool font choice and that little knome is so cute!! I hope you sell a lot of that soap. sounds great. XXOO

signsoftimensuch said...

you crack me up..i love that post..i can just see you mixing this concoction ..hugs, cheryl


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