Sunday, May 3, 2009

cur·sive (kûrsv)

cur·sive (kûrsv)
Having the successive letters joined together: cursive writing; a cursive style of type.
1. A cursive character or letter.
2. A manuscript written in cursive characters.
3. Printing A type style that imitates handwriting.

I love the digital age, and am fully integrated with my computer. We are joined at the hip or fingertip as it may be. But I also LOVE to get snail mail, and I’m an avid online shopper my self of handcrafted items to bestow as gifts for others, or lavish upon little old me.

I especially love to get cards as the sender has taken the time to write me a good wish. When I rip open that envelope, I have that moment when the attention is on me, when somebody has expressed that they were thinking of me, that they care. I receive the person's handwriting along with the card, and it is like having a small piece of them with me. The slant of the writing, the loop of a y, the flying cross of the t, I observe it all as the ancients read the stars and I identify the handwriting to the person that sent it. It's sort of a multidimensional kind of thing for me, I'm in 2 places at once. ;0)

Especially meaningful to me are cards from my parents with their super distinctive handwriting and especially the fact that their loving wish remains with me, be it birthday or ‘love you’, as they are no longer on this earth. And, yes, of course, I bet you guessed, I save all my cards! People that I have lost touch with come alive when I take that nostalgic moment and get out the bundles (I would love to say blue ribbon bound bundles, but I use rubber bands and plastic shoe boxes) and all the love comes flooding back. It's me preserving my past.

There’s not a lot of wiggle room in my life now to reminisce about the days gone by. Life is packed with life. I treasure those times when I pull out the memories and breathe my thanks to God for the awesome friends I had that cared enough to send a card. I make cards from digital creations for those who get it, that a card sent is a gift, far beyond the price of the card is the time and love it took to send it.

Pay Pal? Amazon check out, or right from this blog page without any sign up of any kind via Rapid cart- just pick up some cards and tell somebody that you love them. You know its a gift!

Longing to get a sense of euphoria and get rejuvenated and have it be legal?

"Strength does not come from winning
Your struggles develop your strength.
When you go through hardship
and decide not to surrender,
that is strength."


Ellen said...

I know exactly what you mean! I love looking at the old cards my parents got when they got married and when I was born! Makes them feel so present!

Merry's Musings said...

Hi Ellen! Awesome.


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