Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chick update

OK, OK. I know I run a certain risk of having a post titled 'Chick update' on spring break. Somebody might get the wrong idea.

Lots of college guys, well, you know what they are thinking.

There are probably tons of posts named Chick update and they have nothing to do with Eastery farm animals.

But here is the long awaited follow up to my funny life....drum roll please.....

ta da! a chicken-ette!

still not more than 6 inches tall, but just look at that handsome face! This is the littlest of them all, she still has the tiny fluffy body but she has the biggest head of all of them.

She's funny. In a good way.

Look at these wing feathers only the big girls have those! They all have the prettiest markings, and they are all just plain egg laying chickens, when we went back to the Grange, you should have seen the fancy $3.50 chickies!!! They were pretty, they had fluffy feet.
Did you notice the chicken wire in the picture above? ha, that's because even little peepers can jump out of their safe and cozy box.

We were having coffee, sitting at the table talking, when all of a sudden there was a blood curdling screaming banshee peep peep peep at my feet.

I thought, what thuuuhhhh....and looked down, and there was a peeper!
Out of the box, scream peeping.
Well she was scared half to death, looking for her sisters.
And needless to say, she scared the peep out of me as well. So we utilized the tool that has been invented for just this occasion, chicken wire.

So far, so good, no more escapes. It also acts as a screen for the many objects that the grand kids want to "show" their new buddies.

Only small, less deadly objects than tonka trucks will pass through.
Look at these wings! They are destined to be showgirls, er showchicks?

Anywany, they are beautiful. I have digressed.

Well, as I was saying, we were talking chicken when our little screaming peeper distracted us, and it just so happens, we were talking coop as she tried to fly the coop.
My husband is a funny bird too, with sort of an OCD kind of disposition, and when he gets it in his mind that he's going to do something, he ruminates. I mean RUMINATES to the point that he is up, out of bed, in the middle of a perfectly good sleeping night.

I say, is there any thing wrong dear? he says...nope, just plannin my coop.

What's a chick to do, but go back to bed shaking her head smiling.
Well many ruminating illuminating nights later, ladies and gentlemen we have our coop, not just any coop, the shangricoop of the entire Valley.

.......Ta Da!
Yes, this is my husband, and yes, he is doing the happy chicken dance, as he says 'we can grow some mighty big chickens in here'.

Yes, he really did say that.

And yes, those are windows (cough) in our chicken house. 'Well, they need the sun in the winter' he says.

I personally think he gave them a room with a view out of love.
This is my husband pointing to the chicken door, saying with a chuckle,

"we'll have to get Nick
(our son, he does finish carpentry, the real kind, on big expensive houses)
to build a staircase here -with a banister".

Yes, yes, I know, he chuckled,
but that was just a diversion chuckle, he thinks I don't know that he really means it.
He thinks if its pine, not mahogany, it will just blend in and not be too noticeable.

It looks like he is still ruminating.

This is the rear view. Notice, there is a ladder at the base of the rear view and a ladder at the base of the front view?

I don't ask.

I know it is part of
el grande macho,
the infernal 24 inch bicep machisimo.

Its just the way the big wheel turns (creak) -by engaging one cog at a time.

A ladder here, a ladder there, I guess I just don't need to know why...the male mind has its reasons, best not to dive in too far here on the farm.


Judy's Vintage Collections said...

YIPPY SKIPPY I am sappy happy your page loaded....I enjoyed all your latest posting...Your page is so nice too...Lots of goodie....I love all the chicks...and your husband is doing a wonderful job...Little did I know a chicken coop was made like that hmmmm.... shangricoop? now that a new one too for this Texas' gal....
Have fun! Enjoy the chicks...
A super big hug....

ladyvanessa said...

Hey Nora!! Me and my hubby were enjoying your music as I was reading your chickie post :D They are sooooooooooo cute!!! I hope you had a blessed start to your week :D I was without internet till today as I was moving my office out of my bedroom and into our spare room! It's soooooo much better to not have my work in my bedroom now.

Carol Vega said...

I remember my mom-in-law had chicks - but she would eat them when they were grown :-(

After a bunch had hatched, she allowed my daughter (who was about 6 at the time) to choose one of her own - that would never be eaten. Of course this chicken (named Brownie) grew to be the fattest, biggest chicken around. I swear I could hear Brownie laugh everytime Auebula looked at her.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Your chicks are adorable.


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