Saturday, March 14, 2009

And finally...the new additions

Well they were out of chicks the day we bought all the supplies. We had to take a rain check on the day that we dropped the big bucks for our little memory for the grand kids, and there was some confusion as to how they were going to give us a rain check and make us happy. By confusion I mean a couple of sales people, and a manager. I don't know what the prob was, but somebody was just not speaking free chicks. Maybe they don't raincheck farm animals too often, I don't know.

Finally, we got our name on the list, our receipt in hand and the stars were back in our eyes, happily waiting for the day that those little eggs would hatch, and we would get our day olds.So on the day that the chickies were supposed to be in, we phoned the Grange and they said, sure the chicks are in.

So we were all a flutter (we can now give new meaning to that expression -yukyuk) and were super excited to get our new little babies, so we packed up the old little baby (our number 2 grandson) and ran out there. We found the first available chick getter and said, we're here for the peepers.

Well a chick is a chick to a phone answerer, and unless you specify FREE chick, OF COURSE some chicks are in. But if you want the free chicks, you have to wait until 4 OR 4:30. That is if the delivery is on time. Etc, yada yada. Well, the corners of my mouth turned due south, and my bottom lip protruded. We said OK, we'll call later and went home to put on some patience.

Well that face must have really done the trick because at 3:00 we got the call. That face, (downturned smile, lower lip protrudin, eyebrows crossed) is new to my old age, and it has been a bother to me before, you know, why am I seeing my father when I look in the mirror and why does my skin look like sandpaper etc. -Finally it serves me!. We were first on the list. So coats on again . Off we sped and we got the cutest little sweeties that you have ever seen. 2 black chickies and 3 brown chickies.

What kind you ask? 2 black and 3 brown. and cute. Those kind of chickies. I hope hope hope that they are all hens, because we love them all. They each have their own personality, and there is a pecking order. Funny! I wouldn't want anybody to eat one of them. So little birdies, please be all girls!


ladyvanessa said...

How adorable Nora!!!! So you have fresh eggs? They look sooo cuddly and soft :D

Ellen said...

just answered my previous question, they are adorable! Did you name them!


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