Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Award!

My first blog award(!) and given to me by someone I admire, a dedicated, active, involved and talented Christian woman, Amy L. owner of Snugville ( take a quick buzz by for a treat of whimsy) and what a perfect award for this time of year, list 7 things that I love.

I Ylove working in my backyard when my neighbors dog is locked up. That dog is a challenge to my Christianity when it starts to bark. You can’t imagine (and wouldn’t want to) the words that literally fly from my brain when that accursed creature starts to bark. But oh the wonderful time when its all quiet, the birds, the bees, even the planes overhead.

Once in a while we get a military fighter flying low as they train. They fly in the opposite direction from the commercial jets. They are so awesome. This happens once in a blue moon so they are a treat. I can hear them coming for minutes before they fly overhead so I usually can run out to watch them.They scare the grandkids, so I’m thankful for just once in a while but I Ylove them.

I Ylove watering on a hot summer day (that is after the entire spring of work to get it to the point where it's blooming) ...the whole green growing thing is so satisfying. Mostly recreational gardening, I go for the flowers. I have a nice chunk of established fruit trees that the bugs and birds love. We do plant tommies and zuchies though, what flavor!

Lately Ylove fruit smoothies, bananas, berrys, yogurt, milk. I also make a green smoothie- almonds, flax seed, sunflower seed, two handfuls of spinach and a pear. It is suprisingly good, I make it because I want to get more raw food into my diet but I don't love it I drink it because I think its good for me.

I Ylove the thrill of finding treasure in a thrift store. Those little treasures that you stumble upon, that make your eyes light up- what will I do with it? I don’t always know, but I always think 'Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I found this’ .

I am in Ylove with my grandchildren. I Ylove their innocence and their purely unconditional love for me. I can't believe that they love me, I am so honored. I can look at them and see their beauty inside, they hide nothing. They reveal everything, and they share that love.

I Ylove Ylove Ylove my bed. I love that time of night when all is quiet and I'm snuggled under layers of blankets and I can finally take a deep breath. My bed linens are collected vintage and quilts that have been in the family for years. I treasure them.

And as i understand this fun award, i get to choose 7 more

Please visit their blogs
and two friends that do not have blogs but are just lovely people! haha

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Thanx for the award! You are so sweet!


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