Saturday, February 14, 2009

So honored to get this award again. My second bestowal, this time from Lisa at Alterity.

So….first on my list of loves is Lisa from Alterity!


I just love her blog:
Alterity Art
and her shop:Alterity .
She specializes in antique button jewelry.

She takes great care not to damage the button as she creates her piece so you not only have a stop traffic accessory, but you have an heirloom to pass along as well.

And she does not charge for shipping. Cool.

In her shop description she describes her process of no harm done to any button.

So cute, and so smart.

Ask a collector, these buttons are getting harder and harder to find.

All of the hand work is done by herself, can you imagine tatting?

She can tatt!

I just love the detail on all her bead work.

I snagged some pics from her shop of my favorite pieces to share with you, I hope you enjoy them too and can stop by her shop and blog for a real treat.
her shop:Alterity
her blog:Alterity Art

Ok, that was my number one love for today for my new blog award list, here are the other six loves:

I love that I got Sees candy and Roses from my husband on Valentines day. Yes, it has already been liberally applied to my hips. There is a reason why I really like this 'holiday'.

I love that I was able to refil my ink cartridge on my printer and didn’t have to drop the dime on a new one.

I love that we combined lunch and dinner together (Linner? Dunch?), so I only had to make 1 meal . yay.

I love that I am not stressing out that 2 of my shops are empty. I probably should be ashamed but I have been busy, so I forgive myself.

I love that I found vintage stuff at the thrift shop,I always count myself lucky to find cool stuff and I love that I dropped a load of stuff off!

I love that its not snowing here nor do we have forest fires or earthquakes. I am really thankful for that today as there are other folks who are in a world of hurt!


Alterity said...

Thank you for featuring me in your blog! I would say I hope you had a great valetine's day, but it looks like you did :]

Merry's Musings said...

Thanks for being my guest! I love your stuff.


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