Friday, December 26, 2008

The best of 2008

I came across a beautiful blog that I want to share,

I am struck by the beauty of these hands,

these hands are found right in the middle of wedding pictures and kissy face pictures and young lovely vibrant people and younger lovelier more vibrant people (!) but in the middle of all this youngness, is this weathered wrinkled spotted set of hands that absolutlely captured my attention.

These hands made it.

They have an unbelieveable story to tell... if they will ever get the time to tell that story. They will make you a cup of coffee while they feel guilty that they are neglecting the other duty that their mistress had intended they be doing.

They have darned and laundered and gardened and swept and wiped snot and patted and hugged and wiped tears and kneaded and fried and I know for sure these hands have held a Bible. How do I know? Just look at these hands.

So right in the middle of all that young vibrant and lovely, is true beauty. I don't have to see her face, I've seen these hands before. They are my mother's and my grandmother's and its so funny, they held them exactly this way as well. Even tho these hands are still, they are not idle, they are poised and ready once the weary old bones catch up to the ever thinking brain, off we go.

This post was titled the best of 2008 and I think her pictures are just amazing. I hope you take a minute and visit her page, she's very talented.

But that got me thinking, what was the best of 2008?

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